Brøsche Bridal Couture Lab is finally open

Brøsche Bridal Couture Lab is finally open

Brøsche Bridal Toronto Downtown boutique openingOn the evening of October 4th, 2018, a queue of people eagerly waited on the red carpet outside 575 Queen Street West for the grand opening of Brøsche, a brand new bridal couture boutique in Toronto’s Queen West Fashion District. Once the doors were opened, they poured in and the space quickly filled to the brim with people, all of whom were buzzing with excitement as they checked out the elegant wedding dresses on display. Those in attendance represented a broad and diverse cross-section of Toronto’s demographics, nevertheless their attire suggested a shared sense of daring and a desire to stand out from the crowd, unafraid to make a bold fashion statement. Likely, that’s what drew them to the event in the first place, to be among the first to discover what surprises Brøsche had in store.

Created by designers Lilit Azaryan and Lana Kuidir, each piece on display was one-of-a-kind, with its own personality, each telling a unique story. A standout piece of the collection, centered in the room on a mannequin standing in front of a giant mirror, was a stunning two-piece bridal gown: a sheer bodice atop an enormous layered skirt. Small, bell-shaped pieces emerged from the folds of the skirt, decorated with torn lace, with small decorative accents reminiscent of flowers tucked in among them. The ensemble reflected a blend of two aspects of designs in Brøsche’s collection: minimalist understated elegance, and eclectic experimental innovation.

The guests milled about, sipping champagne and indulging on canapés, enthusiastically chatting and pointing out each of the dresses’ finer details, and snapping selfies with their favorite pieces. There was no shortage of sights to explore, as Brøsche also has more to offer beyond custom wedding dresses.Brøsche Bridal Toronto Downtown boutique opening

In one area in the gallery there is a full section under the name of Catch and Release, a curated collection of couture pieces by Azaryan and Kuidir’s favorite designers, including Diseiye Thompson, Andrew Coimbra, Steven Lejambe, Anna Panosyan, Melvin and Williams, CB1969. They described their intention as being about providing a space for artists to design and create with complete freedom, and that was evident in the unrestrained creativity and impressive craftsmanship behind each garment in the collection. In addition, Brøsche also includes a gallery space, currently featuring the work of artist Samar Hajazi – sculptural heads and busts with sections replaced by mirror, wire mesh and crystals – as well as By curating the work of other artists and designers, Brøsche sets itself apart from your standard bridal shop. The differences are clear, both in terms of their innovative designs, and their unconventional approach to giving space to the work of artists and designers they admire.

As the evening wound down and canapés were replaced with desserts, Azaryan and Kuidir each gave their emotional and heartfelt thanks to those who had supported them in their endeavor to realize their dream of opening a space to showcase their work as wedding dress designers. It was clear that Brøsche was a labor of love for them, and something they poured their hearts and souls into. The opening was a sure fire hit, and based on the warm reception it received, Brøsche will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


photos by Olga Hutsul Photography