About Brosche Bridal Couture Lab | Unique Wedding Dresses

Brøsche / Concept

Looking for elegant wedding dresses in Toronto ?

BRØSCHE BRIDAL was founded by Lilit Azaryan and Lana Kuidir in 2018, Toronto.

Built on a foundation of raw artistry BRØSCHE exposes the untapped potential and freedom in creating nowhere-to-be-found, sustainably driven one of a kind bridal pieces to fulfill curious minds.

Within the walls of the BRØSCHE BRIDAL, there is an unrelenting passion to inspire those with the valiancy to embrace their truest selves.

Committed to fulfilling every couture dream and desire, BRØSCHE BRIDAL actively works to showcase and retail one-of-a-kind elegant wedding dresses in Toronto downtown from exclusive local and international couture designers.

One-of-a-kind luxury retail and gallery on Queen West showcasing an eclectic and progressive collection of reconstructed bridal wear and couture. Carefully selected and individually approached, every design in the gallery is a merge between the beauty of an original design and our artistic perception of it. Each unique garment is made for a revolutionary woman with the valiency to embrace her truest self.

Engineered with a strong textile knowledge, dernier cri awareness and an innovative mindset, Brøsche designs are a totem of our creative experiments in The Lab.

Every dress in the gallery was disrupted and redesigned. Every dress has a story.