Designer Dress Gallery: Catch & Release

Catch & Release

Designer Dress Gallery

Here at Brøsche we celebrate art and innovation by providing a platform for global designers to share their creative innovation with a new market. Catch and Release is an extremely curated collective of pieces by various designers who translate textile into art, chosen specifically by our in-house designers according to their taste for diverse, bold and elegant work. In other words, here you can find best and most unique couture in Toronto.

Each hand-picked favorite is endorsed at our showroom on Queen St. W, offering direct exposure to clients at no cost and linking designers with industry professionals and buyers. For clients, all of the work chosen follows the vision of Brøsche and makes up the high-quality selection that the founders ascribe to.

With a number of different designers’ gowns in the gallery, every detail at Brøsche is created to draw a strong connection for their client. Designers are able to create with absolute freedom, and work according to their particular inspiration. We find this type of creation works best to produce some of the most stunning and singular pieces. The showroom is a great place for an established designer who is looking to expand their market, or for an emerging designer looking to have exposure in our market. The Catch and Release gallery features a wider variety of garments, All High end, unique, edgy and out of the norm pieces that suits all different and special occasions. All fitting the Brøsche aesthetic, we offer couture, streetwear, prȇt-à-porter, and unisex styles.

If you’re looking to replicate the essence of Brøsche but not looking for a wedding dress in particular, our Catch and Release section is the best place to start. Designers Lilit Azaryan and Lana Kuidir choose each item for the unique flair it exhibits, supporting other designers to craft and create free of constraints and offering clients a chance to find something that isn’t mass-created which speaks to them.