Bridal / Experience

Brøsche Bridal Experience

Step 1The Tour

We invite you to come enjoy the Brøsche gallery showcasing our one-of-a-kind bridal and couture creations. Best place for bridal couture in Toronto. Every dress in the gallery is a result of a collective inspiration born in The Lab, waiting for its human pair. Each unique gown has been made with exceptional care and each detail has been carefully considered. 

Once you have chosen your desired look, you will be working closely with one of our Brosche designers as your personal stylist through all the fittings to ensure maximum comfort and ease. We also carry an exclusive, hand picked selection of contemporary designs from designers around the world which are not part of the Brosche gallery but available for retail. 

Step 2Consultation

The next step after you have selected a Brøsche of your choice is a case-by-case consultation to help us determine the best approach for your bridal needs. Here we discuss your vision and work to further personalize your look. Every woman is unique like our one-of-a-kind creations and we want to tailor each look to show your best self.

Step 3Preliminary Fitting

The fit of a dress is the ultimate game changer. At Brosche, we believe in ensuring the absolute best fit for the most flattering result. Your preliminary fitting consists of sizing and cinching to your silhouette with one of our trusted in-house designers. Our goal is keep you looking beautiful, comfortable and smiling throughout your special night.

*As each of our designs have different allowances, please be advised that some creations can only be altered one size up or down.

Step 4Secondary Fitting

The second fit is about tailoring the look to best suit your persona. Depending on your chosen design, some modifications may be possible and recommended. Here we revisit your vision discussed during our consultation and work to align your needs with your Brøsche.

Step 5Additional Fittings

Any additional fittings are about fine-tuning and flattering your figure.

Additional styling service for accessories and family heirlooms is complimentary with every Brøsche design. Allow your stylist to take care of your look for the night while you stress over the other million little details that go hand-in-hand with special occasions.

An average of 2-5 fittings are to be expected. Depending on the alterations needed, you may require an additional fitting to finalize any unexpected changes.

Every creation was disrupted and redesigned, any imperfection is intentional.